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Square Meter Unit Mode: Hanbali School of Fiqh: Paternal Great Grand Mother:

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Paternal Great Grand Father: Consanguine Brother of Father: Here is the complete result obtained from the wirasat software. Uterine Sister Of Father: Son of Maternal Grand Daughter: Daughter of Paternal Grand Daughter: Amount Left by Deceased.

Fetus or Unborn Child: Adopted or Foster Parents: Uterine Brother of Mother: Maternal Grand Daughter of Paternal grand Son: Son of Paternal Grand Daughter: Either no residuary found in the set conditions or residue calcukator zero.

Paternal Great Grand Mother: The complete results are in three steps and must be seen in totality. Square Yard Unit Mode: Square Feet Unit Mode: First type of Loan: Daughter of Full Sister: Full Brother of Mother: Son of Maternal Grand Son: Maternal Grand Father of Mother: Maternal Grand Father of Father: Maternal Great Grand Mother: Daughter of Maternal Grand Son: Paternal Grand Father of Mother: The solution given is an indication only and should be professionally verified.

Calculatod of Daughter i.

Hanafi School of Fiqh: To view examples of calculations, Click here. Include Spouses in Al-Radd Reversion: Consanguine Brother of Mother: School Fiqh Juristic School of Thoughts.

Son of Consanguine Brother of Father: No School or Imam:

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