Ajith dheena dialogue

Dheena finds this and goes to warn Aadhi but is unaware that one of the Malarvannan's men had stabbed Chitra. You may work for money, but is money your only motive? Kick-starting the carrier as an apprentice, merchandiser with garment company, this man set foot in the world of cinema doing small television commercials. You missed these two, my favorites in Vivegam 1.

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Where do you project yourself being first among all? The end is shown in the hospital where Chitra wakes to see Dheena and Aadhi. Is it when the world needs you or when you need the world?

Aadhi and Dheena join forces and stop the confusion. The film's success indirectly marked the beginning of a dixlogue image of Ajith, that of an action hero that would appeal to the masses.

Ajith Kumar Suresh Gopi Laila. But Aadhi could not believe this and misunderstands Dheena was refusing since he loved the boy's sister Chitra.

Thala Ajith Mass Punch Dialogues

Will you be all alone until the end? Shankar MahadevanHariniTimmy. The film starts with the police arresting Aadhikesavan's Suresh Gopi men suspecting them for burning an MLA's wine shop.

We already have the list of Comment your thoughts below. Aadhi swears that he will kill Dheena also and declares he is not his brother anymore.

When a person dies, people see only the body rest and decay, but the fact is, if the person dies without achieving anything, his dreams, ambition, thoughts everything vanishes and buried in the earth along with his body. Share your happiness with everyone around you. Gonna gift something great? Notify me of new posts by email.

How determined are you when you really need something? Chitra tells him that they both love each other and Dheena agrees to help them.

Retrieved 5 March Latching on to his passion of competing in car race circuits, He dheenna his debut as a Hero in in the film Amaravathi. The motivational icon for many southern youth and celebrities. Below is the hand-picked list of Motivational Ajith dialogues from his Tamil movies that can inspire you to outperform in your life. Vatsala as Malarvannan's wife R.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tagore Jai Ho Maan Karate Later some people complain to Aadhi that the MLA had removed the breakwire from a schoolvan due to dialogie between his school and their school leading to the death of many children.

36 Mass Ajith Dialogues That Can Ignite Vibrant Motivation in You

About us Disclaimer Privacy policy Contact us Sitemap. Expressing your love, your feel The MLA sends a dhsena evidence to the court against Aadhikesavan. Meanwhile, Dheena falls in love with a girl named Chitra Laila who initially mistakes him to be a bus conductor and later a vegetable seller. Be exceptionally unique to break the benchmark.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Aadhi asks Dheena and his henchmen to cut the hands of the MLA and his men especially the right hand and Dheena completes his task. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One day Chitra calls Dheena's home landline number posing as 'Pepsi' Uma and comes diwlogue know about Dheena's tricks.

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