The Toshiba Satellite X is a high-end multimedia notebook designed for enthusiasts wanting the best of both the high-definition and gaming worlds. STEP 23 Start removing the motherboard from the bottom case. Note that this game is capped at 80 frames per second. Super Pi times were quite snappy, with The M-GT is considered a high-end midrange card and not a high-end card like the GoGTX because it has a bit wide memory bus; true high-end cards have a bit. Other notebooks with similar specifications cannot compete with the X at this price point at the time of writing.

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STEP 14 Disconnect three antenna cables from the wireless card. It does not take much pressure at all to push down the keys.

As far as the gaming experience went, the X held up nicely. I would consider the speakers as a selling point for this notebook. The Toshiba Satellite X is a high-end multimedia notebook from Toshiba featuring the latest and greatest in toshiba satellite x205 technology. The cooling system Toshiba engineered works extremely well — the notebook itself stays quite cool xatellite the noise level is commendably low.

However, there is more to this touchpad than meets the eye. Even toshiba satellite x205 maximum volume, there is essentially no tosgiba which is unheard of on a notebook.

STEP 11 Disconnect the 7-button board cable from the motherboard.

Toshiba Satellite X205 Review

That’s what I’m talking about. The black plastic surrounding the top of the chassis and the back of the lid have glossy surfaces. It is definitely built for gaming and stood up extremely well for more than a few hours of playing. For gaming it is a solid resolution because the M-GT has no problem handling most games at this resolution. Out of the box, the Windows Vista Experience score was 4.

As a desktop replacement, there is a good chance you will use it toshiba satellite x205 an external keyboard and, almost certainly, an external mouse, but it is still important that toshiba satellite x205 included ones are up to par. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

The Satellite X is suited for both home multimedia entertainment and gaming. The air coming out of the fans is warm but not hot.

Satellite XSLi6 Support | Toshiba

While the display is bright and sharp enough, I believe it could use a contrast boost. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. By using our toshiba satellite x205, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies.

STEP 13 Lift up and remove the speaker cover with the 7-button board. The Toshiba Satellite X is a high-end multimedia notebook designed for enthusiasts wanting the best of both the high-definition and gaming worlds. The chassis will flex in most places when pushed, however more than average pressure needs to be applied in order for toshiba satellite x205 to happen.

The touchpad in the X looks ordinary at first sight and functions as expected.

The glossy surfaces of this computer including the display itself should only be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Disconnect two other cables pointed with red arrows.

Carefully lift up the laptop, it’s still attached to the motherboard. Remove both memory modules. As any desktop replacement toshiba satellite x205, the X has a full assortment of external features.

Toshiba satellite x205 the left hard drive to the left and remove the hard drive. I worked for over an hour to fully uninstall all of the junk software, consisting of trials, games, free offers, and other useless items.

STEP 10 Unlock the connector on the motherboard. STEP 24 The laptop motherboard has been removed. There are two configurations of the X available at the time of writing this review — the XS and the XS When I tried to twist the chassis I noticed very little flex so that is a plus. STEP 32 Now you can remove toshiba satellite x205 processor.