Meters stopped refreshing when displayed in popup window and collapsed the main container. Visible parameter of all multiparameters can now be modulated. Added "Integral curvature" switch to all envelopes.

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Added Hold parameter for the modulator follower mode. StereoScope FX can now be resized. It comes free with MWobbler. Added offline processing support for maximizing quality when rendering - the plugins can variate smart interpolation level and upsampling factor. The plugins displayed a system exception in the beginning on some rare machines.

Added second tape mode for flangers.

Most preset buttons are now bigger and contain preset name. Presets can now contain text information. Modulator's restore when disabled feature wasn't often working properly. Some controls had a help button despite there was no help available. Added Color and Group color parameters to multiparameters, which lets you change the color on the easy screen. Equalizers now send automation only to relevant parameters of each band.

But in order to minimize problems and deliver the top audio quality we want, the feature has been removed. Highly improved ADSRs - added immediate release, tremolo, hold down etc.

Safety limiter was responding too early on stereo sources and didn't work correctly single-channel modes. Randomization of a modulator could lead to a crash.

Added Favourite paths feature to all file dialogs and selectors.

Text edit popups could sometimes have useless space above them. Added ability to store presets in all time-graph settings.

Analyzer in all equalizers and mautopittch processors allow displaying both input and output. Signal generator transformation harmonics didn't update immediately. Easy screen XY pad didn't have a help even if there was a help info.

How to Create Epic Vocals with Pitch Correction

Added global modulator switch, presets and randomizer. Text edit for active preset controls now also provides note piano for frequency mautopigch and sync for lengths.

Time graphs now show line under the cursor, which could help reading units. Various optimizations and performance enhancements. Behaviour panel in multiparameter info could not been collapsed.

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Batch processing via WAV mautopitvh now allows selecting multiple files at once. Deharmonization feature could lead to a crash with certain signals under specific conditions. When modulator is disabled by automation or modulation, it may optionally restore original parameter values. People can use the on-screen controls in jautopitch to adjust parameters such as the depth, speed or detuning and several effects can be added: Active preset meters could show a single pixel value even if there was no signal.

Added "velocity" MIDI controller. Band mwutopitch wasn't updating properly when multiple bands were automated at the same time. Automation of the dynamic gain in MAutoVolume has been removed. Plugins could crash in some hosts under some circumstances. It was possible to create naming of banks, which would cause a crash when used as a menu on easy screen.

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