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For every intervention you can set the price and the cost of the intervention, so you can see the profits in a time period. Veterinary Digital Dental Sensors. OpenDental supports bridging to both Easydent4 as well as EzDent-i. Experience the convenience and mobility available only in the

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For each threatement the user can define a list with the medical recommendations that the pacient will follow ftre the intervention. Real-time viewing in high quality images.

Vet Table for Small Animals. Easy table operation by a foot switch. Horizontal Beam at 40 inches and 72 inches SID. Image magnification, length measurement, annotation, VHS calculation included. Integrated functionality simplifies your daily routine i.


First 1 2 Last. Its real-time transmission drastically shortens acquisition time and eliminates the need softwaer process and develop film.

In the event that migration from one PC to another PC Or server in case of changing PC's, due to upgrade or replacment -or- in preperation of migration from Easydent4 to EzDenti it is first important that a final backup is conducted right before the upgrade or migration occurs to ensure a good working backup copy before anything is moved or c Not all programs capable of twaining are Please use the following search box to quickly locate valuable FAQ support guide.

In the interventions window the user can list a price offer of all the non executed interventions, by clicking the list offer button.

Features unparalleled durability and image quality, EzSensor P delivers speed and efficiency while keeping patients comfortable. It can be used as an electric board. The program can generate the electronic softtware for CAS.


We are pleased to represent the Rayence line of Flat Detectors to meet all needs in the Veterinary market. The software compliments high-quality images with exceptional eaydent.

This function provides you with sufficient infomation for the exact location of the implant fixture and helps you have much better communication with the patient before treatment. The user can also attach images presenting his dental office. Its 15mm thickness allows existing systems using film or CR to be easily upgraded. Open - OpenDental software - be sure you are logged in as an administrator account.

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EzSensor P is the industry leading intra-oral sensor, offering superior diagnostic images that are essential to successful dental treatments. Vatech America suggests that you work with a certified IT professional to setup daily backups for your software. Display the studied images side-by-side.

In some cases you might get a blank empty box appear having only image of a Red XError [Code: Experience the convenience and mobility available only in the In the program you can configure for types of interventions, each intervention can be restricted to some doctors according to their specializations and toxicity authorization.

Lightweight design for easy positioning. It supports you the treatment planning and patient consultation with simulation, viewing, analysis and the image management functions.

Useful function for checking unclear mandibular canalin normal image. In the pacient listings window the user can attach an image of the pacient. Alternatively you can simply browse by Category below.

The pacients can program an appointment using our online application. The osftware Xmaru Wireless digital detector was created through the technological power and know-how of Rayence, a global enterprise specializing in detectors.

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