Within this system, an external independent company reviews and rates all evaluation reports. So far RapidSMS has been customized and deployed with diverse functionality: RapidSMS is a toolset for rapidly building SMS text message services for data collection, streamlining complex workflows, and group coordination using basic mobile phones — and can present information on the internet as soon as it is received. Built to scale RapidSMS is built for robustness and high availability.

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RapidSMS is a free and open-source framework for rapidly building mobile services for scale. Once a rapidsma is confirmed, the CHW sends a text containing the details of the pregnant woman including weight, previous pregnancies and check-up dates to a central database where an individual record is created for all healthcare professionals to share.

RapidSMS: About

RapidSMS can use GSM modems for small volumes and can integrate with mobile network operators or 3rd party solutions for large volumes. Overall, the evaluation found the program was relevant to national priorities and well used.

Internet connectivity for the server is rapidsmss for email functionality and the website portion of RapidSMS internet connection should not be behind a restrictive firewall so programmers can update remotely and so automatic backups of data can occur. Using comprehensive databases and both quantitative and qualitative research techniques, it was conducted an integrated set of analyses to respond to the main objectives of rapidams evaluation.

This rapidsjs why each year, reducing infant and maternal mortality is a major part of the millennium Development Goals MDGs in many countries.

rrapidsms The maternal mortality ratio MMR has also successfully reduced: The overall objective of this evaluation is thus to understand whether the intended objectives of the project have been achieved, in line with the plan. Second, our finding of an effect concentrated in supported Districts suggests that simply enacting mHealth system is not sufficient to assure its use. RapidSMS was designed to be customized for the challenges of governments, multilateral, international- and non-government organizations, and development practitioners: Health workers also receive reminders for when expectant women are due, weeks before due date via RapidSMS, once such an alert is received, it is their job to visit and encourage patients to contact them the moment contractions start.


The quantitative results, however, found that RapidSMS only contributed to some changes in the use of gapidsms health care services in supported Districts. And when check-ups are due, a message is sent to the health worker who then informs the mother arpidsms attend.

RapidSMS is rapidxms with Python and Django and is designed for building robust, highly customized mobile services with web-based dashboards. Coded in Country RapidSMS framework was created by programmers working directly on actual project implementations with end users — not by an isolated software firm working from specifications. In line rzpidsms its socio economic development, Rwanda has achieved remarkable progress in improving maternal and child health outcomes.

There is no single tool or mobile application that can be universally applied to fit all project and stakeholder needs. The qualitative study leveraged key informant interviews from stakeholders and program recipients along with focus groups of CHWs, mothers, and fathers. RapidSMS was launched by the Rwandan health ministry inand since then, the text messaging system has gone through several upgrades to help support expectant mothers. Top Stories Triangle arrow.

Agnes Binagwaho, even though there are still unfortunate instances of death, the text messaging system has helped to make things easier for pregnant women. RapidSMS provides a flexible platform and modular components gapidsms large-scale data collection, managing raoidsms workflows, and automating data analysis.

The system then generates automatic reminders for clinical appointments, delivery, and post-natal care visits, with the intent of increasing attendance at antenatal care and postnatal care visits. End users have data-enabled mobile phones and constant internet connectivity Internet-based or Android rather than SMS-based solutions may be more appropriate in rapidsma situations.

The RapidSMS community strongly advocates for an atmosphere of collaboration with other effective platforms, and a concerted effort to ensure interoperability. She then recommends that those showing pregnancy signs visit the health centre.

Evaluation database

Projects successfully demonstrated at a local level can easily and confidently be deployed at a national or regional levels. More information for software developers can be found on the project wiki and documentation site.

RapidSMS is designed for easy integration with existing workfows rapivsms other software systems. If you need help developing your project, connect with experienced RapidSMS programmers that are available for hire.

The key example in this instance was malnutrition screening, where the supported districts received the necessary equipment and saw large increases in their use.

Learn how to build scalable mobile services by walking through the tutorial. In terms of long-term planning to support a technology-focused program such as RapidSMS, turnover and replacement of devices should be planned rxpidsms the outset. The quality rating scale for evaluation reports is as follows:

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