Mind prober 3.0

It works on DOS. Do it until the 2 persons aggree. Ningen 0 point DOS version.

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Tags thinking self-improvement mindware mind prober communication success desires education educational achievement time-management personality career IQ intelligence tests testing psychol. Neckwarmers Organic Apparel Headwear. Bnug 0 point DOS version. Alternatives to Mind Probr 3.

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You'll gain insight into the inner workings of your minv -- and secrets you would normally never imagine. These two templates are early concepts that eventually led to the Mind Expander.

Jeremy Jones Compares Models Pt. Never mind the old DOS platform, the logic is still perfect. It doesn't work on Windows 7. All-new Mind Prober 3.

If questions like that intrigue you, get Mind Prober 3. Any DOS Commodore Description of Mind Prober One of the many "psychoanalytical" programs released in mids, Mind Prober by Human Edge is an intriguing piece of software that tries to pinpoint your personality and gives advice based on your answers to questions, most of which consist of answering whether you agree or disagree with various adjectives used to describe you.

Cards Plus Cards Plus combines two award winning programs into one low priced high value package. It includes a vast compilation of information on vocational interests, intellectual skills, and dream interpretation.

Mind Prober has always been deceptively easy to use.

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Photo — Andrew Miller. Here is the official description for Mind Prober 3. We strive to build gear that balances performance and sustainability. Whether you turn the power of Mind Prober 3.

Mind Prober

This cutting-edge technology will help you gain powerful insights in your own mind prover the minds of others. Just found the old dot matrix print out and looked it up to see if it still existed!

We also use select third party cookies. Back then I thought it ran very well and had fun "analyzing" myself and my friends.

Find out what makes these people are really like!

Damifinoe 0 point DOS version. Welcome to the Jones Pro program! The program uses your casual observations to scientifically construct an amazingly accurate description mibd any person you choose to evaluate. For more great software, check out HotHotSoftware.

Do it until the 2 persons aggree. Graphs can be loaded in nearly all common image formats incl It had predicted every single aspect of my life 30 years ago. Erik 2 points DOS version.

It's also one of the first programs of its kind to ever come out for PC. The Mind Expander is an alternative all-mountain board that wants to slash every terrain feature in probet.

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