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But I had a commitment to finish it within a week and so I did. These hiccups do not take away from the inherent attraction of the novel, though. Do you think that conspiracy theories are fun? It was an amazing read right from the beginning till the end , without a moment of ennui. The author was successful in linking Chanakya's story to that of Gangasagar Mishra in Chanakya's Chant, but failed to do that effectively in The Krishna Key!

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Thats a far better book than The Krishna Key. Thankfully, the book progressed much faster after the initial pages or so. Yawn inducing and totally unnecessary.

Police officer comes and arrests - simple. Return to Book Page. But The Krishna Key is unable to stitch together a coherent narrative. In essence, The Krishna Key is a fast pace thriller which will give you an adrenaline rush.

Ashwin Sanghi - Ebooks

The book meanders through a plot that is as insipid as flat Coke. They are absolutely stunning and make you wonder about the truth we have been hearing to all our lives. Martin Fire and Blood: Jan 15, Simran Khurana rated it did not like it Shelves: Finally, let's talk about the plot.

Only, he is a serial killer. But when i think of how the book bored me especially in the second half i think the rating i gave is what it deserves.

There are chapters and so the entire Mahabharata from start to ashwn is summarized part by part at the beginning of each chapters.

Would strongly recommend to everyone. Will Chanakya's manipulative mechanisms change the face of the nation again? Could have been kriahna or given a better shape. Then comes Inspector Radhika, a toughened-up cop after fam Background: Having read negative reviews, I thought maybe the readers are being overly critical and with an impressive Colophon I found the book irresistible. If the answers to these questions are YES, then this is definitely a book for you.

Kailash, Somnath temple, Mathura, Vrindavan, Kalibangan, among others. We are kfy bombarded with numerous research findings and conspiracy theories and he had to rush through everything to make sure he did not leave any loose ends.

Even the so-called "mob boss" knows the ins and outs of Krishna's escapades, as well as detailed info on nuclear transmutations!!!!!

Another of an archaeologists. The Key Seems Lost!!

I must admit that I picked up this book despite reading the reviews by other readers on Good Reads. It failed to to give me those goosebumps-inducing moments that I have come to associate with books of this genre or make me care about the characters or the mystery.

The Krishna Key

Nov 23, Karthick rated it really liked it Shelves: So I got this book from Delhi Railway station during my recent Delhi-Mumbai journey, mainly because I shuddered at the thought of a dreadful 24 hour journey in an equally horrible train, The Golden Temple Express. Instead, let me put together a list in no particular order of stray observations I made while reading this book.

History is in their genes. It focuses too much on the history and the mythological explanations, while ignoring important aspects of a novel like a solid narrative, the characterization and sometimes even logic. He tells Saini to safeguard it for him as he is afraid his life might be in danger. But the numerous jokes and one-liners that he pulled out from email and SMS forwards in Chanakya's Chant made me cringe although he eboook give due credit to each at the end of the book.


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