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Some of the fans won't be able to wait until December 25th before they're parting with their cash to get their hands on LIVESOS , but for those of you who are prepared to sit tight until then, we've picked out 10 other fantastic live albums to keep you occupied. The other thing that really strikes you about this live recording though is just how underrated Adrian Utley is as a guitarist, and their performance gives him and the rest of the band the perfect stage to show just how good a live act they really are. Despite very little record label investment, the album became a huge hit and reignited Cash's waning career. Calum Hood Luke Hemmings Robson busbee.

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Their self-titled Warner debut in yielded no less than six hit singles, while its follow-up, 's Re — whose songs remain an active part in their concert set list — is such a cornerstone of influence, Rolling Stone magazine placed it in the top spot on its list of the 10 Greatest Latin Rock Albums of All Time. Gone was some of the band's zaniness, replaced by a newfound tone of earnestness. Two years later came the follow-up album, Re , which was again helmed by Santaolalla. Listeners Also Played See All. Despite their English-language influences, they wanted to represent their native culture, so they incorporated Mexican signifiers into their music and changed their name.