Lisa kleypas cold hearted rake

But once again, give this author time and she can build something brilliant and beautiful out of the most hopeless messy thing. Such a bummer though! Brooding over the past wouldn't change the fact that Kathleen had belonged to Theo first. No rain yet, but dark clouds seeped through the sky like ink on wet parchment. I think another factor that made their love unconvincing is the fact that there was no proper build-up to their relationship.

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Starting with the newly minted widow, Lady Kathleen I loved seeing his entanglements with Kathleen and not letting her walk all over him, that was great to see.

Devon is irresponsible, cocky, arrogant and just wants to do what he wants with little or no consequence. What is truly miraculous about his character was the change that becomes evident from the very beginning. My tastes often don't align with lias popular, and Kleypas is such a great writer, that it really is shocking for me when I read something of hers that I don't like because it's such a rare occurrence.

In fact, I've never seen two people more ill-suited for each other than Devon and Kathleen.

COLD-HEARTED RAKE by Lisa Kleypas | Kirkus Reviews

View all 45 comments. I mean really, just think for a moment Please provide an email address. Kathleen, while annoying with her inconsistent and flimsy character, is more tolerable.

And what they wished was to drink, gamble, ride, and seduce I demand more pining, for fuck's sake, especially after everything Kathleen went through! More often than not, Devon appears self-serving, condescending and irascible, obsessed with the heroine but not in love. This is not Amelia Hathaway or Catherine Marks who takes their charge's feelings into consideration and listens. From the lack of substance in the plot to the rather wallpaperish setting must be if there's a train. I think another factor that made their love unconvincing is the fact that there was no proper build-up to their relationship.

He doesn't want it and at first makes attempts to sell off whatever he can. Even if you don't want me. This is actually the main reason for this 1 star rating.

He starts as a young man that is determined to sell everything off and get as much as he can from it and move on. And you know how Devon reacted? From throughLisa Kleypas published almost thirty historical romances. She was the reason I got into the genre in the first place, and it was [most of] her books that became the standard by which I judged others.

He laughed quietly and pulled her hips farther toward him with a decisiveness that drew a little yelp from her. She was headstrong and stubborn. He can't stand country life or all that has been heaped upon his shoulders. I feel your pain girl! Dabney Grinnan Review Date: A ruined estate, a depleted fortune, and a woman he couldn't have.

I hope she dies of a minor fever. They also often annoyed me.

They weren't as convincing as they could have been. Huh, think again, Kathleen.


All of the women in the story have strong personalities and opinions. So as the rzke sets the tone, Devon Ravenel, London's most wickedly charming rake, has just inherited an earldom However, as I approached the main family and characters, it was my focus.

As a matter of fact, even though she guilted and cajoled him into keeping the place, she bitches, complains and freaks out about everything he does to try and make things better.

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