Hint for other, it is really relevant to which USB socket you will put your stick. By the sounds of that Peter N your first boot device may be set to a cdrom or floppy disk? I even ran a hard disk benchmark inside Ubuntu which is inside the ext hdd , results were at par with a normal 2. Spencer July 12, at 1: Do you have a different USB Device you could test boot from, or can you remove the drive from that one and boot from the drive only? BrunoForas January 4, at 3: Once it is loaded, the sytem itself is much faster that the old one, but the slow loading of the boot image and initramfs from the flash is KILLING me, since I am constantly rebooting to test new code on multiple configs.

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If so please remove it and test again. Glad that it worked for at least one more person. If this is normal, I guess that’s what I get for what I pay for. I’ve tried several different flash drives gz no luck.

Peter N February 7, at 6: If you want to know how to make extra bucks, gigabyte ga g31m es2l usb for: There are currently 4 users browsing this thread.

G31M-ES2L / USB Speed issue

Using the same external drive tried others as wellin ggiabyte laptop ICH8 it is way faster. Right now, I installed Ubuntu in my External hdd and it boots so slow 5mins? It seems ok, just like a normal hdd.

SteveO September 2, at 5: My motherboard was not exactly same as yours but it worked. I dunno, it still doesn’t work.

Mark Middlemist October 9, at 6: I see often they reply in hours, but it is already Friday night there now. Gigabyte ga g31m es2l usb May 10, at 5: So I tried an enclosure of a 3. Ryan May 12, at 8: I’m more concerned about the USB slowness. Bill March 30, at 9: Booting off from an osx86 dvd but placed on an external gigaabyte is so slow.

Reprokaiser April 10, gigabyte ga g31m es2l usb 1: Interestingly, this seems to be an ever growing issue for many different motherboards from different vendors. Busybee March 29, at 3: Tried other NON-beta releases and all are the same.

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Join Date Dec Posts You need to set first boot device as hard drive, and all the other steps above. Do you have a different USB Device you could test boot from, or can you remove the drive from usg one and boot from the drive only?

I was almost giving up of gigabyte ga g31m es2l usb a decent solution.

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 don’t work

I got frustrated with this particular motherboard. Hi i dont have USB Storage Devices option avaible in bios is like in white i have gigabyte uefi bios i dont know what is happening i cant enter windows if the fix is in windows.

I don’t know about the rev 2. I also tried swapping RAM from my other systems and they’re all the same. My usb devices won’t turn off even if the system is off, but that is a different story.