Schlingen blangen

The raw physicality of the work stimulates the senses of the body while the mind trying to probe it intellectually remains embroiled in paradox; these are the twin joys of the piece. The crisply sparkling sonority creates a sense of drift, a foreword carrying motion propelled by colliding tones. One of the original minimal composers even before Glass and Reich and others made the term fashionable and acceptible , Palestine was carving out all kinds of areas in total minimal and drone work. It starts abruptly and ends abruptly.

Lazes zlato lazes duso

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Alborosie waan the herb

There's a fire burning over yonder and life There's a fire getting out of control when you take it out There's a fire burning over yonder and life There's a fire getting out of control Dingdingdadahooj Chorus: Waan the herb, waan the herb, Smoke the kali weed Waan the herb, waan the herb Smoke the I-shence Waan the herb, waan the herb Smoke the kali weed Waan the herb, waan the herb Smoke the I-shence. Alborosie A soul pirita offica just come get a jab, The best marijuana herb selling boca Mi fatha mi bratha mi sista mi cousina stashing fi mi We selling baddy bong and we sell it by the sea Micheal rose: Stingdingding da dingding woohj, this is Michael Rose and Alboarosie hatottotweeh wostana wostana wostana hooj ooohhj Aaahhh!

Narcis grup

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Code 1 takenboek

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