And with Windows 7 Home Premium, you can be connected to the Internet in seconds. It is light weight with a bright, clear screen, nice battery time, just to name a few things about this laptop. It comes with some “bloat-ware” that is cumbersome and most savvy users will excise. About This Item Emachines Black My husband has an Emachine desktop that he has had for about 5 years and he is satisfied with it, no problems. The eM is brand new and with the solid 1 year warranty of Acer. I looked at the specs and saw that the RAM was quite adequate and so was the hard drive.

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Battery life is getting a little low.

Acer Emachines EM Series

It has been tested and is fully functional. Graphics Processing Type see all. Other than not having an integrated cam, which I probably would not use anyway, there is nothing else lacking on this machine.

I have found this laptop to emachines mini laptop really good. All Laptops items Acer Laptops 5 items. This laptop is set u The file system operations are swifter.

Things I Buy Tested and reset. Load up on your emachines mini laptop programs and songs with GB of internal hard drive space.

Acer eMachines eM350

Emachines mini laptop has emachines mini laptop dual-layer DVD burner, something absent in even wmachines best netbooks. It’s combination of a solid processor, impressive lapfop for a mini laptop and adequate hard drive capacity will mean you get a smooth drive with this machine.

Now, this laptop is quite quick with its 2. The Acer eMachines eM is Acer’s bold step to give everyone a chance to own a brand new laptop that is configured to deliver impressive performance.

AMD Athlon 64, 64 M. This item is no longer available. The Acer D emachines mini laptop has 3 hours of battery run time, so you can watch the extended version of a film and not run out of power.

Call Now Buy Now. Acer eMachine Mini price depends on many emachines mini laptop thats include the price of dollors, manufacturar price and import cost and duties etc.

Screen is in excellent condition. Laptop powers on, and boot to the Bios screen successfully with no problems using an external keyboard. Price-wise, the emachines mini laptop laptop out there.

This is a great value. See pictures for details.

We have watched Netflex movies with no problems llaptop far. The eM is brand new and with the solid 1 year warranty of Acer.

eMachines Laptop | eBay

For most regular laptop users who engage in document processing, internet browsing, viewing movies and the like, you should be sure of fast enough processing.

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Software Pre-installed. Excellent laptop for the csot! It has a dual core processor, with DDR3 memory, so it benchmarks pretty well. Shell is in good condition. Emachines mini laptop have been shopping for a laptop and this is defiantly the best price for the amount of memory,etc.

Keeping this in mind, e-Machine Series notebooks pack todays best processors and memory options so your system always emachines mini laptop efficiently.

Product Line Not Specified. AMD’s cheaper emachines mini laptop cpus used in inexpensive laptops have historically had much shorter battery life compared to comparable Intel cpus. Take the processor, for instance. Designed for power performance, offered at incredibly low price!