Overall, I think that the tube emulation is somewhat overwhelming. How low is your output? Dec 13, September 27, , Karter fig 9 of this might help or confuse http:

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I’m not touching my original unit, however, it crossed my mind in past to clone it and modify some things. I’ve seen a rough frequency response curve for the bass unit diy sansamp bass the voicing notch filter looks close.

Whether the different caps in the cab sim circuits is real or due to measurements is hard to resolve. Started by gevermil The Lab. The cab sim part of diy sansamp bass circuits vary quite a bit but baxs seem to be in the same rough ball park.


All good hacker stuff is in. At least this was the case when I tried out some of the suggested sample settings Tech 21 provide in the manual.

I know absolutely NO Diy sansamp bass riy all, so I am basically wandering around clicking links at more or less random trying to find things of interest. As far as the schematic – unfortunately, thats all diy sansamp bass guys have hosted there. Man, I don’t think. Anyone have a schematic for this? I can ask at the russian forums and see if anyone there has it. I wish American schools did more to teach a broader variety of languages.

Tech 21 – SansAmp Bass Driver DI REVIEW |

The SansAmp acts as a preamplifier sasnamp models the unique sounds of famous bass rigs, and then allows you to plug direct into the PA desk, mixing desk or power amp. Oct 7, Scotland. Diy sansamp bass think he has a pdf with a PCB and schematic etc.

I own one and it’s a very valuable tool sanxamp bass I would be very interested in a schematic just to understand how the effect dansamp diy sansamp bass, but the link provided takes me to a page with some very weird language on it. Double Basses For Sale: From his you can see where each unit stands from the rest. The build quality is extremely good. Well, let the big companies to clone it for us Does anyone has this schem or knows where to find it? Hey, I was the beta tester for that diy sansamp bass back in the day.

Tech 21 – SansAmp Bass Driver DI REVIEW

You must log in or sign up to reply here. A question to 12afael: Sorry, didn’t see the RAR files. Does anyone know if the layout is actually derived from the jpg, or from another schem? Search Forums Recent Posts. If you need someone to etch, look here for member “livingnote”.

diy sansamp bass

It diy sansamp bass fine, and that is what counts at the end of the day. Dec 13, Do you have perhaps a hi-resolution graphics for pcb-layout? Music beyond four quarters www. Can someone help us find this rare schem? How much does something like this cost?

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