Vaimanika shastra

And electric wires should be fixed on both sides of the centre of the western wheel, for operating the spoked electric panka or fan. Vidyuddwaadashaka at the north-east side. When the electrified rays from the crystal are passed onto the downward facing mirror, they will explore the ground over which the vimaana is to pass, and discover mines and bombs like mahagola and agni-garbha, which may have been inserted there and reflect their complete picture in the crystal in the acid vessel. In this way, there are three main types of vimanas, Vedic airplanes, according to the characteristics of each yuga.

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It is no wonder that a large quantity of the print run ended up dumped vaiimanika a root cellar in Bangalore which made it even rarer. That is a vaata-prasaarana yantra.

By the collision of two winds giving rise to a whirlwind, suastra the fierce solar ray dashing against it, a lightning bolt erupts and strikes the unwary vimaana. Pata-prasaarana at the bottom centre.

The Vimanika Shastra Sanskrit Pages

Important is that this mercury vortex propulsion model is intented for terrestrial flight only. At the end of Kali-yuga, the age of Satya-yuga starts again and the yugas continue through another cycle.

Josyer read out passages referred to preparation vaimainka imitation diamonds and pearls.

Best Places to Visit in Kutch. In fact, Lord Brahma, the chief demigod and engineer of the universe, is said to have developed several vimanas for some of the other demigods. Thus, at the age of 81 we had to sit up and translate the technical Sanskrit into readable English, and scrutinise the printing of both the Sanskrit and English, involving the strain of multiple proof-reading.

Ancient Instrument described in Vaimanika shastra

Solar rays also should then be passed into it. Shaktyaakarshana or energy attracting mirror. The result will be an excellent mirror in which will vajmanika reproduced minute details of the phenomena outside. Magnetohydrodynamics MHD is described by Childress as an ionized gas that is passed through a magnetic field to generate electricity.

Shawtra says that in the region of the solar electric heatwaves of the sky, seven streams of poisonous whirl- winds derange the mind. Then the patormikaa key should be turned, whereby the patormikaa will become wide open preventing any air from entering the crystal by covering it completely.

The force should then be directed against the evil roudree Force in the air-route.

By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky in a most marvelous manner. Out of the five forces produced by the sadyojaata mechanism, panjaraa shakti is vaimanlka most important.

Vimanas - Mercury Vortex Technology

And in the northern mouth should be fixed the 2 reverse motion wheels. When the author is a psychic who claimed that Bharadwaja Muni channeled his ideas and shlokas to him in or so, I needn't say more. It updates regularly about matters related to India like history, festivals, temples, sacred places, Culture, tradition, archaeologythe latest developments in Indian society and religions. Out of them those numbered 8, 3, and 10 are specially intense, and they attract the pramlochana shakti from koorma portion of the universe, and produce a fierce heat-wave called kulikaa.

Any reader by now would have concluded the obvious — that the planes described above are the best poor concoctions, rather than expressions of something real. In this sootra it is stated that preparations made from edible roots, potato and other bulbous vegetables, and from fruits are also suitable as food.

Having studied the Shaastraas or sciences propounded by previous men of science to the best of my ability, for the benefit of mankind, I shall deal with the science of Aeronautics, which is the essence of the Vedas, which will be a source of joy and benefit to humanity, which will facilitate comfortable travel in the sky from world to world, in eight chapters, consisting of topics, in sutras or cryptic pronouncements.

At the back two hinged bolts should be fixed. And crystals should be placed at the requisite centres. Arkashakti, varuna 1 13, is indicated bythe sound "e": They are named udgamaa, panjaraa, sooryashaktyapa-karshinee or that which extracts solar power, parashaktyaakarshinee or that which extracts opposite forces, a set of 12 shaktis or forces, kuntinee, and moolashakti or primary force.

Therefore the guhaa-garbha aadarsha yantra or mine-discovering yantra is essential for a vimaana. Electric Power Generator Top Viewand The technical illustration based on the text From the location of the Vishwakriyaadarpana p. It is said in "Loha Ratnaakara" that each of the three yields varieties of seed metals.

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