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Unstructured grids can be generated more easily than structured grids for complex geometries. Many of the numerical algorithms in KIVA-3V generalize properly to unstructured meshes; however, fundamental changes were needed in the solution of the pressure equation and the fluxing of momentum. Retrieved October 24,

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The software is well suited for modeling internal combustion engines on multiple processors using the message passing interface MPI. LinuxUnixWindows. Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The KIVA models have been used to understand combustion chemistry processes, such as auto-ignition of fuels, and to optimize diesel engines for high efficiency and low emissions. Other applications have included the analysis of flows in automotive catalytic converterspower plant smokestack cleaning, pyrolytic treatment of biomassdesign of fire suppression systemsPulsed Detonation Engines PDEsstationary burners, aerosol dispersion, and design of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Higher in-cylinder pressures and temperatures lead to kivw fuel economy, but they also create more difficulty in controlling the combustion process.

Many of the numerical algorithms in KIVA-3V generalize properly to unstructured meshes; however, fundamental changes were needed in the solution of the pressure equation and the fluxing of momentum. The code has found a widespread application in the automotive industry. The code uses an implicit time-advancement with the exception of kjva advective terms that are cast in an explicit but second-order monotonicity -preserving manner.

Ikva unstructured grids may be composed of a variety of elements including hexahedraprismspyramidsand tetrahedra.

KIVA (software)

Archived from the original on October 21, Although specifically designed for simulating internal combustion enginesthe modularity of the code facilitates easy modifications for solving a variety of hydrodynamics problems involving chemical reactions.

The versatility and range of features have made KIVA programs attractive to a variety of non-engine applications as well; these range from kva towers to modeling silicon dioxide condensation in high pressure oxidation chambers. Fortran software Physics software Industrial software Computational fluid dynamics Finite element software for Linux.

A new subroutine monitors the liquid and gaseous fuel phases and energy balance data and emissions are monitored and printed. New features enhanced the robustness, efficiency, and usefulness of the overall program for engine modeling.

KIVA (software) - Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived kuva the original PDF on The software predicts complex fuel and air flows as well as ignitioncombustionand pollutant-formation processes in engines.

KIVA-3V uses a block-structured mesh with connectivity defined through indirect addressing. In response to these problems, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists developed KIVA, an advanced computational fluid dynamics CFD modeling code that accurately simulates the in-cylinder processes of engines.

At the same time, the company realized a more robust design and improved fuel economy while meeting all environmental and customer constraints. Department of Energy Software".

KIVA: Engine Research Center ~ UW-Madison

Views Read Edit View history. Poorly controlled and incomplete combustion can cause higher levels of emissions and lower engine efficiencies. General Motors has used KIVA in the development of direct-injection, stratified charge gasoline engines as well as the fast burn, homogeneous-charge gasoline engine. The departure from a single rectangular structure in logical space allows complex geometries to be modeled with significantly greater efficiency because large regions of deactivated cells are no longer necessary.

KIVA-3V also contains a number of significant improvements over its predecessors.

In order to optimize combustion processes, engine designers have traditionally undertaken manual engine modifications, conducted testing, and analyzed the results. A new option provided automatic deactivation of a port region when it is closed from the cylinder and reactivation when it communicates with the cylinder. Extensions to the particle-based liquid wall film model made the model more complete and a split injection option was also added.

The code uses an Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian ALE methodology on a staggered gridand discretizes space using the finite volume method.

This iterative process is painstakingly slow, costly, and does not lend itself to identifying the optimal engine design specifications.

A stochastic particle method is used to calculate evaporating liquid sprays, including the effects of droplet collisions, agglomerationand aerodynamic breakups. KIVA, a transient, three-dimensionalmultiphasemulticomponent code for the analysis of chemically reacting flows with sprays has been under development at LANL for decades. Automatic restart of the cycle with a reduced timestep in case of iteration limit or temperature overflow effectively reduced code crashes.

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