Forest pack pro 3.9.2

All Maxscript functions that have size as parameter, now accept zero to use the default item size Custom Objects only. Fixed random crash with points-cloud mode in Max LOD properties can be adjusted in Camera rollout. Fixed rare problem related to missing Surfaces on load. Select or create single or groups of objects, swap models, rotate or translate to get the perfect render.

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Scales the geometry of the referenced object in the Object Areas. Added "copyMaterialFromObjects" parameter to forestpack.

Fixed random crash with points-cloud mode in Max Render with the latest versions of V-Ray, enjoy improved stability when using IPR mode, and faster proxy loading times.

State is global and saved between Max sessions. Forest Pack will change the way you render. Fixed version checking in MR shader. These renderers require to use "Forest Edge" a new procedural texture map in the opacity slot of ALL materials used by the Forest Object. The Surface Area would be disabled ocasionally in UV mode. This release includes the following bug fixes.

Support for V-Ray 3. Camera clipping is not updated dynamically. Use as many effects as you need simultaneously, including any of the 30 new effects added to the built-in library.

Fixed crash using Octane material converter. Tree Editor Added three creation modes: VRay proxies using non-ascii characters fail to load in Max Fixed rare crash in Forest Color when modified from Maxscript.

Diversity Map can use its own texture, independent of the Distribution Map.

Error reading constant values in expressions with regional settings which not use ". Uses a virtual bounding-sphere that surrounds each item.

Forest Pack Lite/Pro Update

Fixed potential crash using presets of billboards. Simulate natural distribution patterns and get the most out of your assets using advanced mapping and randomisation tools, or fine-tune your scatters with granular control over every aspect of the plugin.

Uses the full geometry of each item.

VRay exception in Forest Color when rendering animations. Even after using them for years, we're still regularly impressed by the minimal impact on render-times while scattering or generating often absurd amounts of geometry.

Forest Release Notes

Added Undo support for several operations in Geometry rollout as Clear buttons. See this post on our knowledge base for details.

The viewport is properly updated when selecting items on Custom Edit mode Max Fixed potential crashing bug with Snap operations. Fixed bug that would, in some cases, create continuous updating loops in Max. Fixed rendering error with Mental Ray and Max Fixed undo text in some procedures with areas. Some of them include two versions: We supply quality plant models and presets from leading vendors for use with Forest Pack Pro.

Added support for labels and thumbnails at library level. Amazingly fast, this mode allows you to move and edit prk in real-time, while maintaining an accurate preview of your scenes.

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