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Last edited by Wes Macaulay; at The fully parametric Balustrade gives you 3 free adjustable Elements to setup exactly the Escalator or Travelator Conveyer you need. Still some issues may arise, but the overall result is good. I could unfortunately not open it because of a message saying that it was created in a later version of Revit.

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Thanks for sharing Wes. See the top rated post in this thread. Obviously not all geometrical cases ewcalator properly handled during the creation of the Autodesk Inventor model.

Yes, I do, escalatoe not an adjustable one. All that remains now is for me to learn how to do it Still some issues may arise, but the overall result is good. DigiPara is working on that issue.

You can exit Autodesk Inventor. Login to Give a bone.

Escalator-Travelator | Revit Content

Does anybody escalatot whether it is possible to create a escalator with parameters, so that one can adjust the height and length, including the handrails by entering, say only the length, thus keeping the slope constant? In some respects this family isn't hard, but I recall some trouble getting the handrails to model out correctly. I'll give it a go.

The result in Revit eescalator like that. The advanced parametric functionality allows you to adjust the Height of Balustrade independently for the Landings as well the Run and you can even adjust the exact start position for each side separate. I am glad to see these things are possible.


Save everything in Autodesk Inventor. Transparency of the glass balustrade is visible and also the coordinate system, units, etc properly fit. I built one a while back; you can try it out. There are some minor issues with the glass balustrade element geometry.

The number of boxes appearing may differ. The dimensions for all this come straight out of Kone's specs for this escalator series. I am still new to Revit so some confirmation of whether it is in fact possible or whether I am wasting my time will be great.

The dimension are remaining elements from the previous error warnings. I made the top part of the escalator as defining the insertion point -- I'd set the "Face of lower support" ref plane to be origin-defining rather than the "Face of upper support" ref plane!

With two different Bottom based and one Rail based Balustrade Elements you can setup solid Balustrades as well as Glass Revti, which are chamfered, expanding the width between clear Step Width and clear Balustrade Width, etc.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: It seem to work OK. Adjustable escalator with parameters. Double click the "Components" node exactly one level above in the tree to edit that, and then delete the SkirtDeflector.

9300®AE Escalator

I guess one will still have to add or remove treads. Click "Ignore" for all boxes. Autodesk did a good job here. You can set an Angle where the Steps switch automatically to a Conveyer Belt which transforms this amazing optimized Revit Family seamless from an Escalator for example with 30 degrees or 35 degrees to a Travelator Conveyer.

That means the lower landing will be at your cursor when you're inserting it, not the upper landing. DigiPara Liftdesigner for Autodesk Inventor is not yet released for escalators.

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