Since the fault lies with the server company entirely and there's nothing we can do about it it's a little frustrating to watch so many members raging about bugged games. It should now be easier to understand what to do since some people simply couldn't understand. Atm it's simply a conceptual design idea. I can't get out.

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Business cards weren't shipped in time so i don't have those either on arrival. How they remember to breathe everyday without dying is beyond me It should now be easier to understand what to do since some people simply couldn't understand. Tuesday, 6 September Both Bavaria servers currently down.

I opened dofalicious bottle of wine and sat back to watch the whine show. Tuesday, 16 August First picture of GamesCom. Member Advanced member Veteran Clan leader Veteran members can also accept and remove members from your clan if they are below him in rank according to the above.

I get to Dreamhack, another 9 hours of waiting before i finally can find where our server is supposed to be except it's not in working order. The day started out quite fine, not much sleep but i got up in time.

Remember to always have the newest client!!! Train was late so extra waiting time there Oh, and my seat reservation was fucked up. Posted by DotAlicous-Gaming Rants at 5: My apologies again about the server not being available as promised: Sunday, 19 June Day 1 Dreamhack.

Wednesday, 17 August Day dotaliciou - Press day. I blame this entirely on their inability to read 5 sentences and to properly use their mouse.

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Bus was late so taxi to the train. Better than ever in fact! Sent to me less than 20 minutes ago. Currently it's rev 36 Any clan missing a Clan leader now automatically gets the most advanced member promoted to replace him. The order is as follow from lowest to highest: Only missing the battlefield3 VIP band, working on it today I double checked my pockets for my passport, boarding pass, keys and phone. We won't be able to get it running either so that one my main reasons for coming is now down the drain unfortunately.

In the games list the corresponding mode icons have been replaced with server country flags for easier overview of which and where the servers are located. We will improve the graphics of teh flags later. I'm excited obviously about GamesCom. It's not like we can do anything about the games that got ruined when the problem first happened anyway. I can't get out. This means instead of Skadi, butterfly, gg-branch, BoT's etc you will now see the flag of the country the server is located in.


Looking forward to meeting up with Emmeran finally again, but no. As i was scheduled to travel to Cologne this morning and prepare for GamesCom tomorrow i packed and had everything ready and set last night.

We will obviously have the servers back as soon as the company we rent them from have repaired the cable they somehow failmanaged to cut in two Posted by DotAlicous-Gaming Rants at 3: Thursday, 11 August Site improvement updates. Feels good that our stuff has arrived and looks the way it doalicious

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