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Copyright Disclaimer All music, video, tracks, album art, files, logos, names, and companies are owned and copy-written by their original owner, artist, manager or label. Great calls from Kerser on what 's done to traditional Aus Hip Hop, and some good lines especially when it came down to chat about girlfriends. From The Ground Up. Want to watch more videos for this song?

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Filem ini hampir diharamkan oleh Kementerian Perpaduan, Kesenian dan Kebudayaan kerana menunjukkan budaya rempit atau samseng jalanan di layar perak. Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. Farid doubling up as director and lead actor clearly doesn't disappoint as his Rudy character comes off looking like a true 'mat rempit'. Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk butiran lanjut.

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